Distance education learning in M.Tech in computer science in Coimbatore Tamilnadu

M. Tech-Computer Science

This course is intents to provide the students about the theoretical foundation of computer science and also to provide the students the knowledge of working of computer systems. It provides scope for specialization in the areas of computer science, such as Artificial intelligence, Software systems and Hardware. The students learn a variety of programming languages, operating environments, software packages, and development tools. Some software laboratory hours are provided for implementing and solving the problems and given in some of the regular courses.


  • Data Structures and Object Representation
  • Advanced Computer System Architecture
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm
  • Pattern Recognition and Application
  • Data Structure and Object Representation


  • Advanced Operating System
  • Computer Communications Network
  • Neural Network and application
  • Parallel Processing
  • Computer Communications Network


  • Automation Engineering
  • Mobile Computing
  • Fuzzy Set Theory & application
  • Design Principles of language translator


  • Specialization
  • Multimedia
  • Interactive Multimedia
  • Web Programming
  • Programming Microsoft ASP Net
  • Project
  • Oriented Software Development
  • Java 2 programming
  • Oracle 9i Database
  • Data base Design Development and Deployment
  • Project
  • VLSI Design
  • Project
  • Embedded System Design
  • Digital VLSI Design
  • Verilog Hardware Description Language
  • Project